NTLDR is missing

Posted by SteveHardie | On: Nov 23 2009
NTLDR is missing
This article describes a quick method that you can use to troubleshoot the “NTLDR Is Missing” error message that you may receive when you try to start Microsoft Windows XP.
It is based on this article.

The process can be summed up ito 3 relatively simple steps.

  1. Download and Create a Boot Disk;
  2. Boot into windows;
  3. Copy NTLDR and other files to C drive.
1. Create a NTLDR boot disk to get back into Windows.

You will need to download a boot disk image for either Floppy Disk, CD (ISO) or USB Drive

Creating the disk:

  • Floppy Disk: Run the fixntldr.exe on a working Windows XP computer and, select your floppy disk drive and Click OK to overwrite the disk.
  • CD-R / ISO: Extract the ISO ZIP file to a location on a working Windows XP computer. Then burn the ISO to a blank CD
  • USB Flash Drive: Extract the ZIP File to a location on a working Windows XP computer. Insert the USB flash drive into this computer (For safety, remove all other USB drives) Then run HPUSBFW.EXE. When this ends, copy the contents of the putonusb folder to the usb root drive. More instructions here
2. Boot into Windows

Insert your boot disk into the broken computer and turn it on. You may need to configure the computer to boot from the specified device.
You should eventually see a screen that looks like this:

1ST TRY THIS seleccione esto primero
2ND TRY THIS essayez ceci en deuzieme
3RD TRY THIS wahlen Sie diesen Third
4TH TRY THIS selezioni questo fourth
5TH TRY THIS selecione este fifth
6TH TRY THIS seleccione este sexto
7TH TRY THIS essayez ceci en septieme
8TH TRY THIS wahlen Sie dieses achte
9TH TRY THIS selezioni questo nono
10TH TRY THIS selecione este decimo

There is not 1 guaranteed method that will work every time, so you may need to try this step more than once, selecting the next item in the list, if you recieve error messages on the first try. 3rd try worked for me.

You will eventually get the Windows XP logo / loading screen and the computer will boot into Windows. We are not finished yet.

3. Copy NTLDR and other files to Drive C

If you have used the Floppy Disk to boot into windows, run the fixntldr.bat file from the floppy disk and select Y to overwrite existing files.

If you are using the cd or usb solution, copy the boot.ini, ntldr, and ntdetect.com files to your C drive and overwite whatever files might be there, then right click each file, choose properties, uncheck the Read Only attribute, and click OK.

Reboot your computer!

To fix the boot list so it dosnt say “1ST TRY THIS…” etc. follow these steps

For more details instructions, visit the original post.

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