How To: Remove Novell ZENworks Adaptive Agent Icon from the Desktop

Posted by SteveHardie | On: Apr 11 2013

After uninstalling Novell ZENworks agent from my Windows Server 2008R2 machine, a “ZENworks Adaptive Agent”┬áicon was leftover on the desktop, with no way to delete it.

This icon is set by registry entries.

To remove it, delete the following Key:
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This will remove the “ZENworks Adaptive Agent” from the desktop. (Right click on your desktop and select Refresh)

I have also found a number of other registry entries relating to the “ZENworks Adaptive Agent” left over in the registry after uninstalling ZENworks. It dosnt hurt to delete these to tidy up the registry.

The uninstall process also leaves the c:\Program Files (x86)\Novell folder leftover.
I have deleted it, and it has not had any negative impacts.

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  1. I hated that thing. Thanks!

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